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Contact me if you’re interested in doing a class or workshop with a group you’re involved with - I’d be happy to discuss options!

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Leaving a Legacy: Putting Your Values on Paper

Single session 90 minute class

What would you like your family to know and remember about you? What values would you like to pass on to generations to come? What life philosophies have you tried to live by? A “legacy letter” allows you to put these values on paper to preserve them for yourself and future generations. It is a vehicle to define and pass on your values, beliefs, life lessons, hopes for the future, love and forgiveness to family, friends and community. Reflecting on and articulating what you stand for can be a powerful, empowering process.  


This one-session class will provide an overview of the many benefits of legacy letters and get you started in a simple process of creating one for your loved ones. It will include guidance, reflection time and practical tools to assist in the process. 

Memoir Writing: Capturing the Stories of Your Life

Three 75 minute sessions

Every ordinary person lives an extraordinary life.  When you reflect on all you have been through and all that you have seen in your life, you will hopefully realize that your life stories are worth capturing. These stories link us to past and future generations.

 This 3-session workshop will highlight ways that writing down stories of your life can benefit both you and your family. It will help you begin the process of reflecting and writing down stories of your life. Classes will include homework, reflection time and tools to start you on the path of success. Lots of encouragement provided! Pen and notebook will be provided for the workshop participants.

“A living legacy is a way to capture life stories,  lessons, sentiments, memories and traditions. Legacies convey what we want remaining generations to know and understand about our life experiences”

- Linda Spence

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