"What Really Matters" Legacy Book

Share what really matters with those you love. Create a book full of your reflections on life, your wisdom and lessons you've learned. With thoughtful questions and some introspection, you can share a piece of YOU with your family. It's an uplifting and powerful process - I promise to make it fun too!


  • 1 pre-interview meeting, including a list of "legacy questions" to think about (examples of questions: What core values have guided your life decisions? What are you most proud of in your life? Who are some people you admire and why?)

  • Up to 3 hours face-to-face interview time, audiotaped

  • A keepsake, hardcover book, with your picture on the cover and your words transcribed and edited for clarity and structure

  • Additional copies available for cost of printing

Legacy Letter

1 on 1 Assistance

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Want to preserve family memories and stories for generations to come?  I can help you create a simple book that will capture these treasures and preserve them for the next generation. Sound like a daunting task? It doesn’t have to be! I am committed to making it a relaxing and enjoyable process - in the comfort of your own home.


I always start with a free consultation to discuss options that will fulfill your hopes for your project. 


A legacy letter, sometimes called an “ethical will”, allows you to put your values, life lessons, personal philosophies and hopes for the future on paper to pass down to the next generation. Going through the process of writing one can be incredibly rewarding - and families love having them!  It is essentially " a love letter to your family".



  • 3 individual sessions (1 hour each) providing personalized assistance with process of writing a legacy letter

  • Use of structured reflection, homework and writing exercises to help formulate ideas into a final version

  • Archival pen and paper provided for improved preservation

Photo Memory Book

You choose up to 30 photos - tell me about the stories, the people, the events, etc. I will audio-record you telling me about the photos, then create a hard-cover book of your memories. It will be my pleasure to help you choose the photos and listen as you tell me the stories behind them!



* Up to 4 hours face-to-face time, going through photos and recording stories in the comfort of your own home

* Creation of a hardcover memory photo book, personalized to you

* Includes one copy of the book - additional copies available for cost of printing

Focused Individual

Reminiscence Work 

8 Weekly sessions - 1 hour each

Many older adults struggle with depression, isolation, lack of sense of purpose in life, profound loss and grief. Talking about the past is a natural tendency for most older people, so it can be a powerful resource if directed in a meaningful way.  Therapeutic reminiscence has been shown to have many benefits, including:

  • Promotes self-understanding and self-esteem

  • Helps to maintain their sense of identity - remembering all they have accomplished and experienced in their lives

  • Helps identify strengths, exploring how they got through past life challenges, reinforcing past coping mechanisms

  • Promotes mental and emotional well-being 

  • Combats loneliness, isolation and depression - having an interested listener can remind them that they have experiences worth sharing

  • By looking back, reconciling accomplishments and losses - a sense of fulfillment can be attained (Eric Erikson’s final stage of personality development: Integrity vs Despair)

“Something is better than nothing - an hour of stories will become a treasure. Don’t wait - do it now.”

Mary Kay S.