Where do the interviews take place?
This whole process takes place in the comfort of your own home (or another place of your choice) at a time that is best for you. Interviews may take place all in one day or it may be broken into a couple sessions, depending on your preference.


How will I know what to talk about?
For "Topic of the Week" projects, I will provide you with a list of topics about a week in advance, so you will have time to reflect and consider what you might want to talk about. I will ask questions as you go along if it seems that it would be helpful. Most people find that their thoughts flow more easily than they expected.

For Photo Memory Book projects, the photos provide the prompts, talking about each of them individually, telling about the stories behind the photos.

How much does a legacy project cost?
A simple hardcover "What Really Matters" Legacy Book package costs $525. There are always variables with different legacy projects, but that gives you a ballpark idea of cost
We can discuss it further on the phone or at the informational meeting so you can make an informed decision.

Can I give this as a gift to an older relative or friend?
This is an excellent gift idea! What better way to honor someone who is important to
you? It lets them know that you want to hear about their life and you value their legacy.
Contact me and we can work together to present this as a gift to your loved one.


Why should I choose Lifetime Connections to do this project?
My hope is that when you meet me, it will be apparent that I’m genuinely interested in
hearing about your life. I firmly believe that the best stories come when a person
feels relaxed, so I do my best to create that environment. I’ve had hundreds of hours
of face-to-face time with older adults. I created Lifetime Connections because of my
desire to help people reflect on their lives and leave a lasting legacy. Doing a project like
this requires that you trust me - every encounter you have with me should build that
rapport. You will be working with only me every step of the process.


I’m considering it, but I’m not yet convinced…
Set up an informational meeting with me so we can talk more about it. I’ll explain the
process further and answer any questions you have. You’ve got nothing to lose and a
rich lifetime legacy to gain!

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