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Why sharing your stories is important

Why consider preserving life stories and wisdom?

  • Provides an opportunity to remember the breadth of your life, uncovering forgotten memories and stories

  • Your family will love to hear stories about you from the past, helping them feel more connected to you in the present

  • Learning about your experiences can provide enlightenment, life lessons or just plain entertainment for your loved ones

Why consider writing a legacy letter?

  • Provides an opportunity and structure for self-reflection

  • Helps give the sense of connection to future generations

  • Gives family a deeper understanding of who you are - beyond just what they experience and see on the surface

  • Creates something tangible for your family to hold onto, a part of you they can pass on to the next generation

  • Captures the “essence” of who you are

  •  Helps give meaning and context to the life you have lived

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