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Preserving Legacies and Wisdom for the Next Generations

tell your stories





Learn more about the classes and workshops  I offer on Legacy Letters and Memoir Writing.

I can help you create a simple project that will preserve your thoughts and wisdom for the next generations.

"Karen videotaped my mother talking about her childhood, her marriage, her professional life. I was pleased with the results.  Karen was accommodating, open and easy to communicate with. My mother loved talking with her. I learned stories that I didn’t know about her life!"

Tony I

“Karen prepared a series of video interviews with fifteen of our Sisters as part of our efforts to preserve the history of the Congregation.  She was creative in her approach, organized in her preparations, and gentle and considerate in her interactions with the Sisters.  The interviews she recorded for us are a valuable part of our oral history collection.”

Kathleen Urbanic
SSJ Rochester



Preserving the stories and values of your loved one's life

I created Lifetime Connections because I wanted to focus my time and energy towards something that I am passionate about. I believe we all have something to gain by listening to life stories and wisdom of our elders.

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